Baby Steps

photo of a woman lifting a barbell

I Have Muscles and I’d Like to Meet Them Some Day

If my fat loss continues at its current rate, that would be around September 25th, 2019.  Of course, we all know about plateaus.  Evil little things that can go on for weeks and sap your motivation.  Fortunately, I’m lifting weights.  Over the last year I have found it helps to have another means of measuring your progress besides…

That Lying Piece of Floor Trash

It lies, and it judges you while it sits there doing nothing all day.  Don’t believe it.  Lift weights.  Get stronger.  Muscles burn calories after all.  And that digital dissident can’t tell the difference.  You could be losing fat but staying the same weight because you’re…

photo of man lifting barbell

Getting Stronger

Which brings me back to the point of baby steps.  When you don’t see movement on the scale, you can always add a pound or two to your weights.  A five-pound increase in your squat means you are stronger than you were last week and that’s progress.  It’s those baby steps that keep you motivated and lead to greater things.  I get them from…

Fasting and Weight Training

Because cardio is the great lie.  A few weeks into cardio, your body adapts, your calorie burn decreases, and you can only burn more by going faster or longer.  Weight training continues to burn calories for days as the body repairs itself.  There is no adaptation to lifting because you can always add weight and change up your routine.  Cardio does nothing for your strength or appearance.  Weight training makes your whole body stronger, lessens the chance of injury, and improves appearance.  It increases balance and coordination and best of all, as you get stronger you feel better about yourself.

Where to Start

At the beginning.  Every day men and women enter the gym with complex workouts they have seen on TV or read in a magazine.  Most of these routines are a HUGE waste of time and those who follow them are setting themselves up for failure.  Start with a strong core.  There are five basic lifts that everyone should master before moving on to any accessory exercises.  I recommend following the “bible” of basic strength training below for at least a year.  This will teach you the best form for each exercise and help prevent future injuries from some of the really stupid stuff I see in the gym every day.

Every Journey Has A Beginning.  Make yours today.


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