Trust the Process

Digital Bathroom Scale Displaying OMG Message

The Process sucks.  I hate the process.  The process can bite me.  Two and a half days of fasting and no weight loss.  Here is where I start second guessing myself.

Did I eat enough calories in my feeding window or is my body worried we’re starving, so it’s holding on to fat?

Did I eat too many calories in my feeding window and sabotage myself?

Am I retaining water?

Did I gain muscle mass?

Am I real, or just a figment of my own imagination?

Okay, so my brain sometimes strays but I find my way back.  I guess the takeaway in all this is that you can’t really know what your body is doing.  The biochemistry of the human body is incredibly complex.  If scientists are still trying to figure it out, how can I expect to understand it?  Which leaves me with just one option…

Trust the Process

It’s 8 A.M.  I will not eat until 2 P.M., after I return from the gym  While I’m at the gym, I will lift heavy objects in a fasted state.  Lifting will make me feel better and then I will get to eat.  Today is Friday and weight loss or no, it will be a good day.


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