Fasted Workout


Always Move Ahead

Fitness shouldn’t be measured solely in terms of weight lost.  In fact, I am not losing weight, I am losing fat.  I know because I am gaining muscle.  In the four weeks since I started training in a fasted state, my bench press has gone from 205 to 220.  The same has happened on squats, dead lifts, and all my other lifts.  I am actually shocked at how good I feel while I’m working out.  I really thought I would feel tired and lethargic, but it is actually quite the opposite.  If anything, I sometimes feel euphoric.

Two Steps Forward

So far, I am down nine pounds over the last four weeks.  That doesn’t sound impressive when previously I have lost as much as 20 pounds in one week, but I am trying to do it the right way this time.  The goal is not to look a certain way, but to change my habits and change my life.  The fasting helps tremendously.  With kids, graduate school, and a stressful, full-time job, the last thing I want to do is count calories!

 One Step Back

We all do it at some point or another.  Weekends are my weakness.  With my unrestricted weekend eating schedule, it can be a battle not to munch or reward myself with too much food.  These last two weeks, I have gained three pounds each weekend and lost four pounds during the week.  It’s still a loss, but it’s something I’d like to get under control.  I could easily lose 2+ pounds per week without the extra calories.  I guess we’ll see what happens this weekend…





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